Lead Generation Campaigns:

Lead Generation is one of the processes and activities of identifying potential customers for a business’s products or services. We are making the best lead generation strategy for our customers through Google ad campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram Ad campaigns, and LinkedIn Ad campaigns. We use other digital channels like Website SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and create the best landing pages. It is the best process for someone attracting who has an interest in your company’s products and services. Leads like a job application, blog post, coupons, Live events, online content, product sales, services sales, discounts, and offers. We could attracting our target customers and make them our potential customers and increase our sales funnel. We use our marketing strategy and creative methods of finding potential customers for your business. We identify your business goals and understand your leads. We drive conversions and increase the ROI with our powerful Ad Campaign strategy. Teju Kumar’s team will help you in Lead Generation campaigns and help you to reach your goals and increase your business sales.

Landing page for lead generation:

We could generate quality leads with landing pages. Landing pages are designed specifically to capture information about a prospect such as a name, email address, phone numbers, messages, etc. Then we can use that information and convert it to our potential customer. Leads are very necessary for any business because never leads, you can’t able to generate customers. We create dynamic landing pages with an inquiry form where we get all information of customers and create the best call-to-action option on the landing page, it helps us to increase more leads. We make the landing page with clear and understandable for everyone.

Facebook Ad Campaign

All most have people using Facebook.  So that we can’t ignore Facebook advertising. After Google, Facebook has great audience traffic. We must do the Facebook Ad Campaign for our business. We are set-up a successful Facebook Ad Campaigns for your business. We are generating new leads through Facebook Ad campaigns like sales for your eCommerce store, service leads, subscriber leads, downloads, offer and discounts, booking and also website traffics. We design your Facebook Campaign with creatively your target customer should be attractive to ads and give us their information to contact and convert to qualified leads. Facebook has a fine-tuned target audience So that our Ad campaign reaches that particular audience whose we need to show our ads. It has a large mobile audience with great brand awareness. Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising and it’s very fast and measurable.

Instagram Ad Campaign

Instagram is one of the great advertising platforms, It helps to drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. Instagram has a great engagement rate than any other social media platform. It has Visual Marketing with high-level engagement. Like Facebook, Instagram using by more number of people. You can add your stories there are 500 million accounts using stories. We help to create outstanding stories ads for your business. There are Photo ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, and Explore Ads. We can target the people based in a specific location, interest, look like an audience. We create a great Ads Campaign on Instagram and give a boost for your business.

LinkedIn Ad Campaign

We already know that LinkedIn has more than half a billion users. In LinkedIn, we get an accurate audience and their information. LinkedIn offers high-value leads. We can do types of ads like Sponsored Content, Sponsored Inmail, Video Ads, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, Carousel ads and Display ads. Every Ad offers different benefits. LinkedIn provides accurate information of users. LinkedIn Advertising comes with Ad platform’s advanced options like location, Job title, Company Name, Industry, Degree, Professional Interest. A most LinkedIn user there are up-to-date their information so that we can trust that our ads focus on the most viable audience. We are ready to take advantage of LinkedIn advertising for your business.

Youtube Ad Campaign

You might be surprised to know that the average user spends 40 minutes per session on Youtube. Within this 40 minute timespan, the user will be exposed to many youtube advertisements. There are many options to target the customer through youtube ads like create outstanding video content, demographic age, and gender, specific keywords, user interest. Advertising on youtube is more measurable than television advertising. We are helping to create the video for your business. We do video editing for Youtube advertisement. We are here to help you to start advertising your business, products or services on Youtube. Having great video marketing with us and give great brand awareness for your business.